Nigel’s Software Portability Adventure


Hello my name is Nigel, a Seneca student learning computer programming. The intent of this blog is to inform readers of my overall progress and growth throughout the course.
Yesterday I attend my first class for the SPO600 course, and aside from learning about the general course structure, the teacher gave a brief overview of how a machine passes information around with various hardware components. While it was simple, the explanation really did a good job of emphasizing the “to the metal” mind set one would need to have when making software ports to other kinds machine architecture. Perhaps after this experience, I might be closer to building a Super Nintendo using modern parts, since the old chips are likely out of production. Who knows? It might be fun to create a really small, efficient, as well as accurate Super Nintendo that does indeed run the software on the hardware, and not through emulation like the SNES mini. In any case it’s worth a shot since, I doubt it will be as difficult as me trying to keep my hair haha!

SPO600 Project Stage 3

Hello all, for this last blog post of my class semester, I will discuss the results of my optimization tests on the Guetzli image compression program. In short I was successful in speeding up the image processing on both AArch and x86 64 bit processors. How did I do this? Well I must make aContinue reading “SPO600 Project Stage 3”

Project step 2!

Hello everyone, I’m back to report progress on the second phase of trying to diagnose, and propose optimizations for the image compression software Guetzli. If you recall in the first step, we were conducting benchmark test to see exactly what sort of performance we could get out of the program using some of the stockContinue reading “Project step 2!”

Small Update

Hello all, last week I spoke with my professor about my test results and it was determined that I should drop using the computer Archie, and instead use a more powerful one known as Israel. This was decided since the guetzli can potentially use up to six Gigabytes of memory and Archie has only four.Continue reading “Small Update”

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